Shadow Play & Movement Artist   

/Founder & Facilitator at "Shadow Play Odyssey" and "Animal Rendezvous"

/Interpreter, Translator 


Since she stayed in Bali island at her early age and was attracted by Shadow Play, she explores light & shadow in various ways such as performance, photography, movie, writing and workshop. Especially in the southwest England, she created art works about light & shadow as well as the body-mind-nature relationship. In 2011, she traveled to South Africa to research on mystical White Lions and their relationship with light & shadow. Since then, she also became involved in White Lion conservation activity and has committed much time to translating the important texts while learning the indigenous culture and staying in the local lion reserve for a long period. She aims to nurture human sensitivity through working with "sensation of light and shadow", thus honoring the value of both human and wildlife.    


Born in Tokyo, Japan. 

Graduated B.A in Fine Art with Choreographic Practices, University College Falmouth, UK (2009-12). B.A in Environmental Information from Keio University, Japan (2000-2002). Completion of Winter Intensive Course in Process Work (2017, US). Member of Japan Dance Therapy Association. Currently studying the Theory of Yin-Yang and the Five Elements (oriental medicine). Translator of "Mystery of the White Lions" (by Linda Tucker/2015).