Shadow Play Odyssey

Shadow Play Odyssey (SPO) is the workshop to feel deeply and observe the invisible, inner experience of the body and mind through visible, tangible phenomena of lights and shadows. UMIRA organizes the regular workshop twice per month on weekday nights (Monday and Friday). Please feel free to come and join!     


Shadow Play Odyssey ~Monthly Workshop~  


Date & Time: Every 1st or 2nd Friday & 3rd Monday Night / 7 to 9 pm.


2018 Dec 7(Fri) & 17(Mon) 

2019 Jan 11(Fri) & 21(Mon), Feb 8(Fri) & 18(Mon),  March 2 (Sat)* & 21 (Thurs)*

            (March 2 : 5 to 7 pm, March 21: 6 to 8 pm)  

Location: Meguro-ku (The detail will be informed for participants) 

Fee: 3,000 yen (for the first time participation)  

        *Donation from the 2nd time (3,000 yen as a standard)   

Capacity: 4 people (minimum number: 2 people)  


How to apply: 1) Web Contact Form or 2) FB event page or 3) Email 

                          *Please kindly inform your name and phone number. 

Email: (UMIRA) 


Contents: The workshop invites you to focus on your inner state of the body and mind at the present moment. It basically includes "Light & Shadow Meditation", "Light & Shadow Observation" to observe the scenery of your body and mind, and "Shadow Play Exhibition" to express your self and share with others in the end. Also it deals with various different materials for the Shadow Play each time.    


*In this workshop, the facilitator UMIRA will also join in the work and holds for her own awareness training. 

*If you have any inquiry, please do not to hesitate to send a message through contact form or by email!