· Who are fascinated by the beauty of light and shadow. Who wants to be sunk in light and shadow. · Who want to value the sense of childhood. · Who sometimes want to enjoy non-verbal communication. · Who want to face self and others with meditative quietness.· Who want to cultivate the body & mind senses and delicate sensitivity. 




(Comments given after the workshops between 2015 to 2017) 


"I returned to my childhood. It was healing just by seeing lights and shadows" (K.S) "Focusing on lights and shadows leads to the sense of liberation" (S. Y) "It was interesting that there was no definition of light and shadow, and I started just by feeling them. I was able to feel the fundamental things." (I.S) "It was amazing to feel a connection with nature even if it was indoor. I could gain the wide perspective as if the universe" (H.F) "When I touched the soil, my mind calmed down. I felt like playing with light and the earth forever" (N.K) "I felt that each persons' unique personalities appear in the Shadow Play" (S.Y) "I thought it was exactly true that light of water regenerates shadow of the flower of my heart (based on the guidance of SPO)." (I.Y) "I noticed that the more I do the Shadow Play, the more my breathing go deeper" (K.H) "I enjoyed that I was as if performing. I had a sense of relief having someone in the front of me who was watching and feeling my shadow play" "I had a simple pleasure of playing like a child. SPO invites products of chance and creativity" (S.Y) "I found it was fresh that showing something by feeling it instead of just showing it" (Y.H) "Shadow Play provoked various emotions within me and I was almost crying" (H.F) "I found that there is a particular shape of light and shadow which comes natural to me at that moment" (A.N)

"There was something moving inside of me while I was doing SPO without any thoughts. Sorrowful emotions came up to me. I'm also looking forward to how I will feel when I'm back to my everyday life." (H.M) "I'd like to try SPO next time with my father with whom I can't communicate well" (K.S  *Comment after a pair session)


○Style of Sessions●


The ongoing workshop schedule is here.  

Other than that, the workshop can be also organized in different forms as below. 


1) Group Session 

If you have any request in terms of contents/topics for a particular group, please feel free to contact.


2) Individual or Pair Session 


· Who wants to experience SPO deeper at his/her own pace · Who has a specific theme or an issue that he/she wants to look through light and shadow · Who wants to enjoy a new play or communication with someone precious · Who wants to deepen relationships and exchange non-verbal conversation or expression with someone precious


3)  Trip & Collaboration 


· Who is looking for something effective for children's cultivation of aesthetic sensibility at school or in everyday life. · Who want to incorporate the sense of play and non-verbal communication instead of only having discussion at the working environment or various places. · Who want to add light and shadow effects to special events or parties. 


· As an experiential workshop at a non-profit organization program· As a surprise effect for a birthday party. 


"It was a very meditative and relaxing time. It helps me to get out from the everyday stress." (B.D/USA) "I found it was a powerful healing method which combines time, space and being at the present" (Y.J/South Africa) "It made me rediscover the power of human awareness and its magic. I believe it will be an antidote for a consuming society that paralyzes people." (M.N/South Africa) "I want to continue playing this with my sons at home." (J.K/Canada) "It is very beautiful and nurture my sense of playfulness." (E.C/UK) ※Comments are from SPO workshop held in the South Africa's leadership program (2014). 12 people from 5 countries participated. 


"Shadow Play Odyssey™" is a completely unique style of shadow play produced by UMIRA. One of the characteristics is that it combines light & shadow of nature and those we perceive within the body and mind into one. The current framework was born in the mix of, for example, the Balinese world view surrounding light and shadow which UMIRA experienced in childhood, a variety of body techniques (Butoh, Body Mind Centering®, Buddhist meditation etc), Shadow work and Inter-Species Communication that she learnt in South Africa. In living such a complex world and everyday life, it aims to create a shadow play world which is subtracted and condensed only into simple light & shadow, and takes you to the origin of life.