Living in the era of bewildering information and technological advances, we may find ourselves trifled with them at times. The sense of life is fragile, and the body is miserably being left behind. That's why I see the existence of light and shadow, which can be considered as the most fundamental on the planet.


The essence of light, which was born in the darkness of the universe. And, to recognize the shadow that light creates on the ground. It seems something necessary more than anything for us who stands on the earth, in order to live in harmony. Because light is born from the darkness and shadow is born from light. "Light and shadow" is not a conflicting symbol but a connection which can not be separated from each other.


The workshops invite you to feel light and shadow which we usually do not have much consciousness, and bring you to new awareness and self-discovery. Through non-verbal communication with light and shadow, we value the harmony between mind and body and the connection with nature. 



UMIRA aims to create the future where "The play of touching light and shadow" enhances human spirit and vitality. She wishes that everyone can build a more harmonious life through the physical experience of light and shadow.




Each participant faces a small screen in the front and tastes the time of light and shadow while moving candle flames with their own hands. The contents of the program consists of mainly four processes.



Process 1 Meditation and Observation

: It invites you to pay attention to the inner light & shadow as well as the relationship and change between them.

Process 2 Play and Exploration

: It invites you to expand your horizons through a variety of non-verbal communication in lights and shadows.

Process 3 Expression and Mastery

: It invites you to express yourself of that present moment in a light and shadow picture, and share with other participants.

Process 4  The Way 

: When you become familiar with the processes 1 to 3 as a physical experience, the path of united light and shadow become more clear in the everyday scenery. 



· Awaken the source of primitive sensibility

· Raise awareness of the blessings of nature both inside and outside. 

· With everyday materials as a starting point, descend to the unconscious world, which might be unusual for your everyday life. 

· Recover the wholeness of the body and mind valuing the invisible things (sensation of touch, feeling, looking inside etc).

※Unlike traditional "Shadow Play" like puppet show or hand-shadow, the workshop doesn't use light and shadow to explain the story or symbolic meaning. It starts being free from the typical definitions of them, and be true to your senses.



SPO especially deals with five natural elements (fire, soil, air, water, plants) throughout the process.


1 FIRE (symbol of pupil, heart, life)

We see not only with eyes but also with the mind. Depending on from where you throw your viewpoint and where you locate your life or the heart place, how you feel changes. "Fire" symbolizes where you are or the center of yourself and you become united with that fire by moving a candle with your hands. (All works involve fire)


2 SOIL (symbol of the earth)

The earth is a place where life and death, light and darkness are blended. Soil stores, nurtures and enfold nutrition. Face something inside to be born and to die in yourself. A slough returns to the earth. Taste the sense of belonging by touching soil and root yourself in. There is also a flame of heart, a seed of light in the darkness of the soil.


3 AIR (symbol of breathing, skin sensation)

Be conscious of the contact between light and shadow which exist in the air. While the lights and shadows reflected on the screen symbolize the scenery of the participants' mind and the world, See them feeling the surrounding air (around yourself, fire and objects). (All works involve air)


4 WATER (symbol of healing and purification)

Water which is indispensable to life and exist both inside of the body (60% is water) and outside, is also a mirror of the person's spirit. Bring recovery to your spirit by healing shadow through reflection and sensation of water.


5 PLANTS (symbol of growth and completion)

Plants survive connecting light (sunshine) and darkness (earth). In the work called "Ikebana (flower arrangement) of light and shadow", in which you pick up and arrange flowers of the mind/heart, you heal the shadow of flower with the water of light. Water is the life line for cut flowers. Find how to locate light (flames) in order to recover something in the boundary of life and death, dying inside of yourself, into life.
















プロセス1 瞑想と観察:心身の内側にある光と影、光と影の関係性と変化、その動きなどに注意を向けます。

プロセス2 遊びと探求:多種多様な光と影の非言語コミュニケーションで、視野を広げます。

プロセス3 表現と体得:その日の自分を光と影の絵で表現し、他の参加者の方と分かち合います。

プロセス4 道:プロセス1から3が体感として馴染むと、日常の景色に光と影のむすびあう道が見えてきます。












1 火(瞳、心、命の象徴)



2 土(大地の象徴)



3 空気(呼吸、皮膚感覚の象徴)



4 水(癒し、浄化の象徴)



5 植物(成長と完成の象徴)