In our daily life, we casually see how light and shadow are shifting and changing. While standing in their visible and invisible changes, we are just immersing ourselves as we are.


Imagine that creatures of light and shadow reside inside of us humans. Touch the living creature, dance and interact. 


The signs of light and shadow are as if that the breath of living things were made to be slightly visualized. During the moments of feeling light and shadow, we are conscious of the breathing rhythm. It brings a real feeling of living.


Shadow Play Odyssey™ is a completely unique style of shadow play produced by UMIRA. One of the characteristics is that it combines light & shadow of nature and those we perceive within the body and mind into one. The current framework was born in the mix of, for example, the Balinese world view surrounding light and shadow which UMIRA experienced in childhood, a variety of body techniques (Butoh, Body Mind Centering®, Buddhist meditation etc), Shadow work and Inter-Species Communication that she learnt in South Africa. In living such a complex world and everyday life, it aims to create a shadow play world which is subtracted and condensed only into simple light & shadow, and takes you to the origin of life.  



-Who are fascinated by the beauty of light and shadow.

-Who wants to be sunk in light and shadow.

-Who want to value the sense of childhood.

-Who sometimes want to enjoy non-verbal communication. 

-Who want to face self and others with meditative quietness.

-Who want to cultivate the body & mind senses and delicate sensitivity. 











「シャドウプレイ・オデッセイ(SPO)™」は、UMIRAが創案した新しい影絵のスタイルです。主に1)幼少期にバリ島で触れた光と影と闇の感触とその文化、2)様々な身体技法(舞踏、ボディ・マインド・センタリング®、仏教瞑想など)、3)南アフリカ滞在時の体験およびシャーマニズム、シャドウ・ワーク、異種間コミュニケーション、4)プロセスワークをはじめとする身体心理学、5)東洋の陰陽五行論 ーなどに学び、多くの滋養を頂きつつ、それらを自分自身の感性で統合しながら現在のワークショップを徐々に形成していきました。複雑な現実を生きる毎日のなかで、自己の奥深くにある感情や感覚の源泉にふれるために。シンプルな光と影だけに凝縮された、命の原点に戻る影絵を目指しています。