In addition to the ongoing monthly workshop, you can also make a request to hold customized workshop. Shadow Play Odyssey (SPO) can be organized in different forms as below. 


1) Group Session 

When you have particular requests in terms of contents/topics for a particular group.


2) Individual or Pair Session 


· Who wants to experience SPO deeper at his/her own pace · Who has a specific theme or an issue that he/she wants to look through light and shadow · Who wants to enjoy a new play or communication with someone particular · Who wants to deepen relationships and exchange non-verbal conversation or expression with someone particular. 


3)  Trip & Collaboration 


· Who is looking for something effective for children's cultivation of aesthetic sensibility at school or in everyday life. · Who want to incorporate the sense of play and non-verbal communication instead of only having discussion at the working environment or various places. · Who want to add light and shadow effects to special events or parties. 



· As an experiential workshop at a non-profit organization program· As a surprise effect for a birthday party. 




"It was a very meditative and relaxing time. It helps me to get out from the everyday stress." (B.D/USA) "I found it was a powerful healing method which combines time, space and being at the present" (Y.J/South Africa) "It made me rediscover the power of human awareness and its magic. I believe it will be an antidote for a consuming society that paralyzes people." (M.N/South Africa) "I want to continue playing this with my sons at home." (J.K/Canada) "It is very beautiful and nurture my sense of playfulness." (E.C/UK) ※Comments are from SPO workshop held in the South Africa's leadership program (2014). 12 people from 5 countries participated. 




定期開催のワークショップ のほか、リクエストに応じて下記の形式でも開催できます。お気軽にご相談下さい。






自分のペースでワークを体験したい方。光と影を通して見つめたい特定のテーマや課題がある方。影絵を通して大切な人(親子、カップル、友人同士など)とのコミュニケーションを楽しみたい方。関係性を深め、非言語の表現を交わしたい方 など