SHadow play/dance odyssey

UMIRA offers unique workshops of lights and shadows based on the original method. 

She has organized them both in UK and South Africa so far in addition to Japan.    


Living in the era of bewildering information and technological advances, we may find ourselves trifled with them at times. The sense of life is fragile, and the body is miserably being left behind. That's why I see the existence of light and shadow, which can be considered as the most fundamental on the planet.


The essence of light, which was born in the darkness of the universe. And, to recognize the shadow that light creates on the ground. It seems something necessary more than anything for us who stands on the earth, in order to live in harmony. Because light is born from the darkness and shadow is born from light. "Light and shadow" is not a conflicting symbol but a connection which can not be separated from each other.


The workshops invite you to feel light and shadow which we usually do not have much consciousness, and bring you to new awareness and self-discovery. Through non-verbal communication with light and shadow, we value the harmony between mind and body and the connection with nature. 


UMIRA aims to create the future where "The play of touching light and shadow" enhances human spirit and vitality. She wishes that everyone can build a more harmonious life through the physical experience of light and shadow.