UMIRA offers two kinds of workshops named  "Shadow Play Odyssey™" and "Shadow Dance Odyssey™". Please feel free to contact for detailed contents and customization according to your needs.


―Touch and Play with Light and Shadow



Each Participants face a small screen frame and tastes the time of light and shadow while moving candle flames with their own hands behind it. Characteristically, you will particularly use five natural elements (fire, earth, air, water, plant) as the shadow play material. It brings you to reach the unconscious world, which is dreamy and different from the daily state but by using everyday material. The workshop aims to awaken the source of human primitive sensibility, and raise awareness of the blessings of nature both inside and outside of a participant. 



*Group Session: With seasonal themes and materials, you can enjoy both inner and group work. Recommended for beginners.

*Individual Session: Recommended for those who want to look deeper into the self-awareness. 

*Pair Session: As a new way of communication for pairs such as parent and child, couple and between friends.

*Trip & Collaboration: For a variety of schools, events etc. Please feel free to contact.



*Group Session (2,5 hrs): minimum 4 people  ¥5,000/$45 per person

*Individual Session (1,5 hrs): ¥9,000/$82    

*Pair Session (1,5 hrs): ¥12,000/$110 for two persons  

※ The price might be changed due to venue, exchange rate etc. 

※ For individual or pair session, the content will be customized based on need/request.

※ Trip & Collaboration fee will be dependent on the contents. Please feel free to contact.




-Feel Yin and Yang with The Whole Body



Let's change the invisible light and shadow into dance. Let's make the moment of discovering yourself through light and shadow as a part of everyday life. This is a meditative movement work that has been influenced by the methods such as Butoh, Body-Mind Centering®, Process Work and Authentic Movement. While valuing the physical self-awareness, the workshop invites participants for example to absorb light into the body & mind or focus on shadows according to each person's condition on the day.



*Who like the beauty of light and shadows

*Who want to spend time without thoughts and words

*Who want to release negative feelings such as mental troubles and irritation through the body

*Who want to focus on the body and mind in a relaxed manner  

※The workshop doesn't require any particular experience of movement practice. 



Location: Tokyo (mainly Meguro-district) 

Time: 2.5 hrs  

Capacity: Around 10 people 

Price: ¥3000/$27 

Items: Please bring comfortable clothes for movement, drinks etc.