FROM Despair of Feeling Nothing TO Delight with Rich Sensations


Coldness of Water.

Heat of Flame.

Warmth of Soil. 


They are the sensations that we take for granted as humans but if we realize,

one day, that we can't remember them as our actual reality?


 "I feel nothing" -the voice of mind, and its cry. 

"I want to feel" -the voice of mind stay concealed.  


UMIRA organizes workshops and art projects themed on light & shadow, which aims to inspire human sensitivity.

We want to live with joy deeply connected with nature, which includes humans -ourselves. 

Seeking for richness of life, breathing light and shadow always come with us closely. 

In the presence of light and shadow, the true awareness of life is hidden. 



【UMIRA: About the meaning of name】

This is the name of an imaginary sea monster. It is a created word blending three Japanse words: UMI (meaning 'sea'), MORI (meaning 'forest') and SORA (meaning 'sky') written in roman alphabet. Also, RA in the end of the word means 'Sun God' in Egyptian mythology. 'UMIRA' holds the image of a dynamic and powerful, adventurous journey (Odyssey) surrounding lights and shadows, which expands under the sunlight beyond the sea. Let's sail out to the light & shadow odyssey by the sea monster.