Shadow Play -The Play to Touch Light & Shadow


It is the new type of playing- in which participants observe lights and shadows using candlelight and paper, in order to recover a harmonious balance of the body and mind, as well as the richness of human sensitivity. 


1. Enrich primitive sensitivity. 

 ―Undo the human paralysis brought about through sensation overloads in our information or the consumer society.


2. Appreciate the richness of life and connection with nature 

―Recapture and rekindle appreciation for the rich sensation of Earth's fundamental elements such as water, air and fire. 


3. Face lights and shadows through the body and mind  

―Integrating and accepting the Light and Shadow within yourself and your body to bring balance to your body, mind and the    world. 


4. Learn from the awareness how perspective can be different depending on the position of light. 

―It can be a tool to contemplate how the world, society or human relationship appear from different angles, in addition to be a tool to understand emotions in each angles/positions.    




Dealing with the five significant elements for human life reflected on a shadow play screen, participants explore the richness of perception and the real sensation of life in lights and shadows. By moving the light source with their own hands and enjoying the visual images on screen, participants will experience a new world of responsiveness. 


Five Elements: 

Fire  -Soul or Heart or Eyes

Water -Purification

Earth(Soil)  -to be Grounded/Connected with the Earth 

Nature(Plants) -from Growth to Completion

Air -Breath, Touch 


Without applying any established definition to Light and Shadow, just see and feel them through the body and mind for new discoveries. The keyword is 'connection' and 'harmony' of lights and shadows. 


Light & Shadow Meditation/Bodywork

Experience the shadows and lights as living creatures. How do they present themselves to you?  

Does the movements of lights and shadows seem like dance? Or a battle?

Let's observe them.


Posture and Image  

1. Sitting:  Concentrate on lights and shadows under the closed eyes. 

2. Standing:  Bathed in light from the top and connected to the darkness under your feet. Feel lights and shadows through the                                body. 

3. Lying Down:  Bathed in light on the front of the body and connected to the darkness under the back. Feel lights and shadows

                         through the body. 


The process allows for the expression and release of the light and shadow recognized within your whole body.


*Workshop is basically a mixture of above contents. 





Origin of Workshops' Name