In our daily life, we casually see how light and shadow are shifting and changing.


While standing in their visible and invisible changes, most people do not speak to light and shadows,

nor grab by their own hands, and just immersing themselves as they are.


During the moments of feeling light and shadow, we are conscious of the breathing rhythm.


It brings a real feeling of living.


The signs of light and shadow are as if that the breath of living things were made to be slightly visualized.


Imagine that creatures of light and shadow reside inside of us humans. Touch the living creature, dance and interact.







UMIRA offers unique workshops based on the original method with the theme of "United Lights & Shadows" . 

The workshops invite you to feel light and shadow which we usually do not have much consciousness, and bring you to new awareness and self-discovery.

Through non-verbal communication with light and shadow, we value the harmony between mind and body and the connection

with nature. Our activity is based in Japan and the workshops were also held in UK and South Africa. 

We are aiming to bring our workshops to all over the world including Japan, Asia, Europe, Africa and the United States for the near future.





Living in the era of bewildering information and technological advances, we may find ourselves trifled with them at times.

The sense of life is fragile, and the body is miserably being left behind. 

That's why UMIRA sees the existence of light and shadow, which can be considered as the most fundamental on the planet.


UMIRA deals with "light and shadow" not as a conflicting symbol but as a connection which can not be separated from each other

(in other words, "yin and yang"). It is a way to be free from a dualistic worldview.

In order to heal endless conflicts and pains existing at the root. To illuminate the present moment.


The essence of light, which was born in the darkness of the universe.

And, to recognize the shadow that light creates on the ground.

It seems something necessary more than anything for us who stands on the earth, in order to live in harmony.

Because light is born from the darkness and shadow is born from light.


Picking up the teachings from the roadside light and shadow, and looking for the key to read them.

To the future where "The play of touching light and shadow" enhances human spirit and vitality.

UMIRA wishes that everyone can build a more harmonious life through the physical experience of light and shadow.





"UMIRA" is the name of a fictitious monster living in the sea.


In the background of this name, there was an image of the endless ocean, lights and shadows on the sea surface,

and a beast like a lion living in the sea.

Sometimes the ocean calm down gently, and sometimes it attacks roughly. Even if it's not visible from the surface, the deep ocean has a variety of life and death, and its circulation. It is an Odyssey -a journey to reach your great/higher self, and you discover yourself differently at the end compared to the beginning.  

Such a dynamic nature is put into the name "UMIRA".  The word is also multiplied of the Roman alphabet of Japanese words "UMI" (Sea), "MORI" (Forest) and "SORA" (Sky). "RA" at the end of the word also means the sun god of Egyptian myth.