*ONLINE* Authentic movement


*English follows Japanese 







日時:2020年 4/13(月) 10:00, 4/26(日) 14:00, 5/13(水) 9:00, 5/31(日) 15:00


場所:オンライン Zoom 

*ご参加の方にzoom URLをお送りします(アカウントをお持ちでない方も参加可能)。






1) ご自身が心地よく安心して動けるスペース


2) パソコンとインターネット環境、イヤホンなど 


3) スケッチ用の紙と色ペン 


4) 動きやすい服装、飲みものなど(任意)





Day&Time: April 13 at 10 am-, April 26 at 2 pm-, May 13 at 9 am-, May 31 at 3 pm-  (for 2,5 hrs per time) (JST) 

*Please check the time difference depending on your location. 

Location: Online by Zoom 

Capacity: 6  

Fee: Donation (approx. 1000-2000 JPY) by Paypal  

*We will inform you the paypal email address before your attendance.  



[Things to Prepare]

1) Comfortable and enough space for you and your movements (home, a rooftop, in nature etc)  

2) PC or smartphone, internet, earphone etc  

3) Paper and color pens 

(We have time for drawing every after the movement sessions) 

4) Comfortable clothes and drink etc (as you wish) 


 Reservation: Please contact from here